Youtube Thumbnail Maker

Youtube thumbnail maker is a software that helps you create thumbnails with ease. There are handful of professional thumbnail makers online. Most of them offer paid memberships and a free trial to test the software.

Photoshop is beneficial in order to create a software. However, you will need some basic knowledge in order to create your own thumbnail. If you do not have any Photoshop skills, don’t worry. Youtube thumbnail maker apps will help you create professional thumbnails in no time!

Best Youtube Thumbnail Creators

Youtube Thumbnail Size

Youtube offers its users the service of making thumbnails. They encourage people to make a thumbnail which has a large size or has more pixels in it. They recommend more than 640 pixels however, not exceeding the size of 2MB. You can upload your thumbnail in any format be it jpg, gif, bmp or png. They also encourage if you keep the aspect ration of 16:9. Have a resolution of 1280×720 (with minimum width of 640 pixels). Follow these guidelines of the dimensions and you will have your thumbnail which enables you to get more viewers on your Youtube videos. You don’t need to hire a graphic designer for designing the aspect ratio of your thumbnail or for determining the pixels for your thumbnail. You would take a few key strokes on Google and you would know almost every step to follow. Thumbnails are basic cover for video similar to books with a cover.

Youtube Thumbnail Dimension

The dimensions of your Youtube thumbnail should not exceed 2MB in total as mentioned above. An optimum Youtube thumbnail size could be 1280×720 pixels.  which means 1280 pixels in width and 720 pixels in height. These are usually the standard dimensions of a Youtube thumbnail. The dimensions of your Youtube thumbnail and video may also be of your own choice and may be different if it’s a funny video or a documentary. Most videos however have same standards of dimensions and generic template may be used. However following the mentioned above guide lines may enable your images to come on top when searched on Google. Thumbnails with standard sizes are more visible in search bars of search engines. You want your video to be as viral as possible so keep every aspect under consideration. A thumbnail which appears more in search bars will make your video more visible to viewers. Hence, more viewers and more Youtube subscribers.

Youtube Thumbnail Creator

There are many free Youtube thumbnail creators available on the internet. One of these popular Youtube thumbnail creator is Snappa. Many people use this to create thumbnails for their channels on Youtube. The good thing about this thumbnail creator is that it has a variety of templates and will enable you to create the perfect thumbnails for your Youtube video and channel. It is free and does not charge a dime. You could easily use this application to create attractive thumbnails for your channels on Youtube.  The good thing about this application is that is has a large database of templates. This means you don’t have to fill in every detail and spend much time. This also makes it easier for users who are not so familiar with thumbnail making. Also if you use this application and make a thumbnail on your own, you by pass the expenditure you would be spending on a graphic designer. Also they take a lot of time to deliver. This wastes important time and makes progress sluggish. You don’t want this to be a hurdle in your progress.

Custom Youtube Thumbnails

You can always customized your thumbnails on Youtube. Your custom thumbnail has recommended practices which mostly revolve around the size and dimension of your Youtube thumbnail. If your thumbnail does not follow the guide lines given by Youtube, it may be revoked. So it is always best to follow the thumbnails guidelines given by Youtube. They must not contain nudity or inappropriate content which may be offensive or against the rules of Youtube. So always keep in mind, perhaps your smart trick will not work on Youtube if you adopt inappropriate practices on Youtube for the promotion of your channel. Do not risk your videos and channel by doing such things with thumbnails as Youtube has a very strong check on such things. Also if there a viewer feedback which suggests something bad, it may cause your video to be blocked or revoked. However, Youtube does not very have strict laws and rules. If you don’t plan on doing something inappropriate, this platform has the best way to promote your videos using thumbnails.

Youtube Thumbnail Tips

Youtube thumbnails are an essential element required to promote videos and clips. They are like the cover of a book which depicts the content containing within the video. You don’t want your viewer to go astray and away from your video. Your selection of thumbnail will bring viewers to your videos. Depending upon the captions and words you use and the way you present your content will also matter a lot. If your words are not catchy you may not be able to get to get ample attraction to your video. Your thumbnail has to be very catchy and has to be attractive enough for the viewers. Color schemes and typography all play a role in attracting viewers for your video. If you have an amazing video but a dull thumbnail, it may become the not so frequently watched video on Youtube. Keep in mind that the right color schemes, fonts and words will all matter. You could also use a frame or eye catching symbols for your thumbnails which make them more like-able by the audience. If your video is a song,you can add song title on the thumbnail, If it is a story, you could write the name of the story in the thumbnail.

Keep in mind that videos which have thumbnails have more views,subscribers and more popular. So carefully make a thumbnail for your video and enjoy the likes by your viewers.

You can also order a custom thumbnail professionally done for your needs.