YouTube Thumbnail Grabber

Youtube Thumbnail Grabber

Thumbnails are defined as reduced sized pictures or videos to augment in organizing and recognizing and serving as same as big normal sized pictures as a replacement of long and lengthy words. Visual oriented search engines and modern operating systems all use thumbnails for effective and optimum usage and also to enhance user experience. This allows a user friendly environment to be created. Companies like Microsoft and Linux also use thumbnails as their usage and demand has become higher than ever.

Thumbnails are theme oriented and have their backgrounds accordingly. For instance, you have to make a thumbnail for a travel related website, you might want to use beautiful images of cities as background. This will capture your audience’s attention and will motivate and compel them to click on the thumbnail and to proceed where you would like them to head. Also, there are many different softwares which you can use to create your thumbnails. You can also create one thumbnail on Adobe and for Youtube. Life is very simple now and one must enjoy it by using thumbnails.


Videos are becoming the best means of getting people’s attention around the world today due to the fact that almost everyone can access a smartphone. This fast-growing trend has made YouTube very prominent on the internet. YouTube is a platform and a website designed to allow users post videos which can be viewed by people all over the world.

Presently, it is among the top websites that get the most visitors who access videos daily. YouTube videos usually include a thumbnail image that is either a picture from a scene in the video or one that is automatically retrieved by YouTube.

Ideally, thumbnails are meant to give the viewer a clue of what to anticipate from the content of the video. A summary of sorts, thumbnails can be entertaining, fascinating and attractive to draw the viewers’ attention.

YouTube restricts its users to three thumbnail video images automatically generated when a video is uploaded. So they can select and utilize whichever thumbnail suits them best. A picture may also be customized and applied as a thumbnail by the person uploading the video if their account is verified on the platform.


YouTube thumbnail grabber is a very credible tool, and it is first on the list because of its unique features, with a user-friendly panel and easy to operate interface. It allows you to download youtube thumbnail instantly.

All you need to do is to visit the website and paste the YouTube video link on the provided URL bar. Once you have pasted the URL, wait for the page to refresh and offer you the video thumbnail in different resolutions. Straightforward and easy to use, the application is user-friendly and already a popular favorite for its unique qualities.

  1. Thumbnail Grabber

Thumbnail Grabber, also an application for YouTube thumbnail download, it requires the user to paste the URL for the purposed thumbnail and thereafter simply hit the download button for the snapshot of the thumbnail to be available for use. Moreover, it enables you to generate HD images. These short, simple steps and the HD bonus make it an impressive tool to use for thumbnail grabbing. Also quite user-friendly, is a simple yet efficient tool for thumbnail downloading without stress.

  1. VloggingPro Thumbnail Grabber

VloggingPro Thumbnail Grabber is an app that also allows you to download video thumbnails from YouTube. This thumbnail grabber is user-friendly and easy to use. In the same process as most of the other grabbers, one can download the required thumbnail in just two easy steps.

  • Copy the YouTube URL
  • Paste it on the YouTube thumbnail
  • Select the image quality of your choice
  • Right-click to save.

With such short and easy steps for use, it is no wonder many people prefer this application when trying to download or grab their thumbnails from YouTube.


This is another famous application that would be a big help when trying to download or grab a thumbnail from YouTube.

User-friendly and easy to understand, only four major steps need to be taken to download the thumbnail.

  1. Copy the YouTube video URL and Paste it on the provided space.
  2. Click “Get Thumbnail” button and wait.
  3. YouTube Thumbnail becomes available for download.
  4. To save image, right click on the one with the quality you like and choose a location to save it for later use.

This YouTube thumbnail maker is a sure bet with its ease of use and download speed.

  1. Get YouTube Thumbnail Image

Get YouTube Thumbnail image is a very unique tool and is highly recommended for downloading thumbnails due to its high level of user-friendly operations. Coming with instructions and a navigation system created solely to aid the user in his downloading of thumbnail. It is designed in such a way that only the required information being requested is made available, this helps to prevent distractions.

Though the process is pretty straightforward, a short instruction is written on the page. The same steps for downloading in other applications is applied here as the link which correctly copied is pasted into the empty space for links, then the green button is clicked. The desired image will load. Copy the link underneath it to your clipboard to finally save your thumbnail. There are other useful YouTube friendly functions on this tool website.

  1. Manual Grabbing

Windows PCs comes with a screenshot tool called “Snipping Tool.” This tool enables you to copy an image displaying on the screen to any crop ratio. We can also find the Snipping tool by searching from START menu programs. Whether it is a video that is downloaded from YouTube to the PC or streaming, a thumbnail can be grabbed with the snipping tool when you pause the video at the scene you like.

This tool might be more familiar and comfortable for a lot of people who would rather use their own computers or phones to grab the pictures instead of going to an application. Just to download it. Easy to learn and make use of, it is another easy method for obtaining the thumbnail of your choice for personal use.

  1. The PrintScreen Function

Using this PrintScreen method requires that the video has to be viewed in “Full Screen” mode. However, one would have to crop, adjust and edit such a full-screen picture. Still an easy method, it is a short and familiar way for those with technical know-how.

The PrintScreen [PrintScr] button on your keyboard is pushed to capture YouTube thumbnails. When you use this method as a YouTube thumbnails grabber, you need to open an application or software to process images. Some of the readily available Windows Apps like WordPad and Paint can be used for this method as YouTube thumbnail grabber; paste the copied image, edit and save to your device for further use.

  1. YouTube Thumbnail Saver

The YouTube thumbnail saver is another user-friendly and easy to use tool for thumbnail downloading. It retrieves the video thumbnails from YouTube servers and provides you with downloadable and clear images. The only job left for the user is to copy the video URL accurately and save the corresponding image in any resolution he or she desires. This makes it a popular favorite as it is stress-free and does not require any unnecessary and extra steps to download the thumbnails.

  1.  YouTube Thumbnail Generator/Downloader

This is a user-friendly thumbnail download app; it is also one of the best free tools for downloading YouTube video thumbnails. It is simple but highly efficient and it is very easy to use, such that everyone can comfortably make use of it. The same steps apply to it as almost all the other thumbnail download apps, by copying the desired URL for your thumbnail and pasting it in the search slot. Downloading thereafter is a short and speedy affair by pressing the download button hand saving it to a suitable storage location in the system.

Even though it’s no different from the other free tools and methods listed above, the fast thumbnail grabbing feature has made it one of people’s favorite video thumbnail grabbing tool.

  1. Boingboing

Boingboing is another famous and user-friendly site for Youtube thumbnail download. It is a good site to access whenever you need to get YouTube thumbnail images for research purposes or projects. It has an easy system that helps the user get accustomed to the app quickly. Upon entering the link for a video on YouTube, the site will automatically load the thumbnail which comes in different sizes and resolutions. It is user and friendly, with options available depending on which size or resolution you wish to make use of in obtaining your desired thumbnails.

  1. Thumbnail Downloader

Another application that can be used for YouTube thumbnail download is Thumbnail Downloader. This online application enables the user to easily save thumbnails from YouTube for offline viewing. This tool produces HD image quality for experts who may want to edit the thumbnail for further use.

A user simply needs to paste the link of the video copied from YouTube in the search box on the site; you can grab thumbnails from your favorite videos immediately. After processing the link, options will be given, to store your file in different sizes and resolutions in any storage location of your choice in your system. It is easy to use as the steps required to download the video thumbnails are short, simple and straightforward.

  1. Video Thumbnail Downloader

Like the other apps, this is application that is user-friendly and is useful for getting thumbnails of any YouTube video. If you’re looking for a free online tool for grabbing YouTube thumbnails, this is a perfect option. Just like all the other apps before it on the list, the URL is to be copied, and then the thumbnails can be easily downloaded without stress. These short and easy steps make obtaining your desired thumbnail problem free and quick to obtain.

  1. YouTube Thumbnail Grabber

YouTube Thumbnail Grabber is another useful YouTube thumbnail maker application that is easy to use and understand. With easy graphics and user-friendly system, the ease of use is second to none and comes with short and easy steps and instructions to follow to make use of the tool.

It is almost as if the app was designed to aid its user in downloading quality resolution of thumbnails without distractions. All you need to do is copy the YouTube video URL and paste into the box; the video thumbnails will appear automatically.  Select your preferred image resolution and save to your desktop or to a USB flash disk.

Now, having so many competent and capable methods, applications and tools for downloading thumbnails from YouTube, grabbing thumbnails has never been easier. For whatever purpose one might require a thumbnail, it would be fast and easy to obtain by making use of any of the above-listed tools.

As seen in our review, some of the apps come with special features that allow you to view creative thumbnails by others, and it creates opportunity useful information sharing as a professional vlogger. With so many possibilities and special features, downloading and grabbing thumbnails from YouTube using these tools is now as stress-free as possible.

Understanding Thumbnail Grabbers and Thumbnail Downloaders

To avoid confusion when trying to obtain your desired thumbnail, it is important to note that a YouTube thumbnail grabber and a YouTube thumbnail downloader work using almost the same process and so can be said to be one and the same thing. Each grabbing or downloading application will have many features in common and will probably require you to the same things to obtain your thumbnails.

Either of the two sorts of applications may be used to obtain thumbnails successfully from YouTube.

Importance of a YouTube Thumbnail

The availability of so much videos and millions content being created and uploaded to YouTube every day, viewers depend on the thumbnails to help them sort through and find videos that are in correlation to their needs and purposes. It carries as much importance as the title because this is the first thing one sees before they play such videos or clips. With its ability to express a given amount of information concerning what the video entails, it makes searching and sourcing for information easier and faster.

After viewing a video, one may come to appreciate the thumbnail for the video and wish to make use of it, either for a personal project, to make use of it at a later date, to be used again or for some other future need.

Below is an extensive list of tools or applications that may be used to download, grab and capture desired thumbnails from YouTube.