Top 25 Fortnite Thumbnails on Youtube

Fortnite channels are huge on Youtube! Because these channels receive millions of viewers every month. According to the recent reports, there were 1.23M livestream channels on Youtube Live in the first quarter of 2019. These numbers are increasing everyday. More channels means, more competition. Therefore, if you have a Fortnite channel you will need to stand out from others to gain more views.

That’s where Fortnite thumbnails come into play.

Having a professional and creative Fortnite thumbnail will attract more viewers to your channel. These views will also increase your subscriber count. Of course, thumbnail will not do the job alone. You will still need to have good content. However, having a professional thumbnail will help you a lot for gaining audience.

After an extensive research our editors prepared a list of Top 25 Fortnite Thumbnails on Youtube. There were many factors put into account while deciding on which thumbnails to include in our list. Our editors tried their best to show you the most professional and creative Fornite thumbnails on Youtube. This list will be a great example for current Fortnite channels who are looking for ideas to create Youtube thumbnails. Also, it is a great inspiration for other Youtube channels.

Here is our list of Top 25 Fortnite Thumbnails on Youtube