Top 25 Fitness Thumbnails on Youtube

Fitness thumbnails are inspirational, dynamic and motivational. Successful fitness channels on Youtube give importance to creating attention grabbing thumbnails. It helps them gain more views and subscribers. Therefore, including dynamic fonts and pictures on your thumbnail will attract more visitors to your videos. Yes, having a good thumbnail is a must, but you must have a creative content in order to succeed as well.

After an extensive research our editors prepared a list of Top 25 Fitness Thumbnails on Youtube. Many factors were put into account while deciding on this list such as the font, colors and creativeness. Of course, these are not the only thumbnails that qualify to be one of the best. Because, there are hundreds of creative thumbnails on Youtube with awesome content. Our main reasons creating this list was to inspire other fitness channels to create better thumbnails. Below is our list for best thumbnails on Youtube.

When browsing our list, you will notice that all the thumbnails have attention grabber images and texts pointing out what the video is about. All Youtube thumbnails were published using Youtube thumbnail grabber tool.

1) 10 Minute Six Pack Workout by Pamela Reif

2) Best Shoulder Exercises by Vicky Justiz

3) Non-Machine Hamstring Exercises by Hanna Oberg

4) Build Big Legs by Vince Del Monte

5) Fun Home Workout with Household Stuff by Zuzka Light

6) Toned Arms Workout by Koboko Fitness

7) 6 Exercises for Better Glutes by Diana Ruiz

8) Pilates For Men Workout by Sean Vigue Fitness

9) 5 Must Do Back Exercises by Krissy Cela

10) Get Abs in 2 Weeks by Chloe Ting

11) Lean Strong Legs Workout by PsycheTruth

12) How To Squat Properly by MegSquats

13) The Wicked Wall Workout by BJ Gaddour

14) Dumbbell Chest Workout for Women by Hunter Chilton

15) Cable Ab Workout by Annabella Hayes

16) Wider Hips Workout by Vicky Justiz

17) Get Lean Without Workouts & Cardio by Abby Pollock

18) 1 Week Flat Stomach Workout by Holly Dolke

19) 7 Exercises To Build Bigger Arms by Bright Side

20) How To Get Really Flexible Fast by Yasmin Dan

21) Home Butt & Legs Workout by Miss Yanyi

22) 10 Healthy Fitness Changes by Jeanine Amapola

23) 15 Minute Burn Thigh Fat Workout by Emi Wong

24) 7 Must Do Booty Exercises by Krissy Cela

25) 7 Minute Workout by Lucy Wyndham-Read

7 minute workout, workout for women, belly workout, Lucy Wyndham-Read

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