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How to Resize a Picture?

You are wondering how to resize a picture? Don’t worry we got your covered. It has never been this easy to resize a picture online. Our free image resizer tool will resize your images for free. It will instantly change the size of your picture to your desired size. Just follow these steps to resize image online now.

1- Upload Picture

2- Select Thumbnail (Picture) Size

3- Make a Thumbnail

Resize Image Without Losing Quality

When you resize image online you need to make sure that your image will not lose quality. Free image resizer tool will not only resize your images, it will keep the quality of the images same.

Change Image Size

There are many options of sizes you can select for your desired image. We have 6 different sizes you can select or you can select custom and insert a custom image size.

100×100 , 150×150, 200×200, 250×250, 300×300, 500×500

Reduce Image Size

Reducing your image size can be difficult when you don’t have a image resizer software. You were planning to design and make a thumbnail image by reducing your image size. For this reason, we have developed a free image resizer tool to make your life much easier. When making thumbnails for your channel or your website, you don’t need to look further.