YouTube Thumbnail Grabber

What is a Thumbnail?

Imagine what would happen if those small icons and picture-like logos in your cell-phone go missing from your life?

Thumbnails are present in every application you use. It would become extremely difficult to browse online if thumbnails did not exist. Everything we use on our phones to computers, we need to use the small colorful icons that holds a meaning.

If you pay attention, you will realize thumbnails are present everywhere. Because they guide us to make decisions quickly and browse the net more comfortably. Applications from Youtube to Google, everyone use thumbnails.

Thumbnails are defined as reduced sized pictures or videos. They help in organizing and recognizing lengthy words into meaningful logos. Visual oriented search engines and modern operating systems all use thumbnails for effective usage which enhance user experience. Companies like Microsoft and Linux also use thumbnails as their usage due to demand has become higher than ever.

Thumbnails are theme oriented and have their backgrounds accordingly. For instance, if you make a thumbnail for a travel related website, you might want to use beautiful images that represent the cities. It will capture your audience’s attention and will lead them to click on the thumbnail. There are handful of custom thumbnail maker softwares, such as Snappa. You can also use these softwares to create cool Youtube thumbnails to increase engagement of Youtube videos.

Importance of Thumbnails

While browsing online, loading pages and downloading will consume your data. Whole idea behind the usage of thumbnail is to save data and decrease downloading time. To make sure the thumbnail serves its purpose it should be made by professional thumbnail maker. Although, you can choose not to use thumbnail on your website, it will not look professional. If you have a thumbnail on your website, not only will it look professional, it will also be faster to load and will consume less data upon view.

There are many softwares custom thumbnail makers available in the market. If you do a proper Google search, you will find many thumbnail maker apps which would allow you to create custom thumbnails as you desire. They have all the color templates, backgrounds and fonts you need for your thumbnail.

Youtube Thumbnails

Youtube thumbnails are the first thing you see before watching a video on Youtube. After you do a search on Youtube, you will be shown videos related to your search. If you noticed, there is a thumbnail image for every video on your search result. Youtube thumbnails help users decide which video to watch. This is what makes Youtube thumbnails very important. If a Youtube thumbnail for your Youtube video looks professional and creative, it will definitely help you gain more views to your Youtube video.

Youtube thumbnails can be done using a popular graphic design software callede Photoshop. If you do not have Photoshop skills or any experience with this software, don’t sweat it. There are handful of custom Youtube thumbnail creator tools and they do not require Photoshop knowledge.

However, if you do not want to use any tools, you can hire a freelancer to create a custom Youtube thumbnail according to your needs.

Crop Option

A good thumbnail maker will allow you to crop your photos and will enable you to change their sizes. This option is one of the most basic options and is present in other apps as well. This option is the most basic option as this enables you to cut out unwanted material from a picture or an image. You don’t need a professional training to use the crop option in a thumbnail maker. Even toddlers may be able to use this option.

Template Pictures

A good thumbnail maker will also have template pictures. These template pictures enable you to make your thumbnails in less time. Templates make your work easier as it is a pre-programmed thing, which enables you to finish your work more quickly. There are separate themes and each theme has its own template with its own color schemes. These template color schemes with pictures are really helpful and provide you with a simple and sophisticated thumbnail.

Thumbnail Maker Variables

Each application which gives you an end product works on a set of variables. A thumbnail maker also is a product which gives you an end product which you place on Youtube videos or your website for visitors to see. There are many other variables in a thumbnail maker which count. Other than the crop option and the template pictures there must also be the option to add different colors and sizes.


You must first decide the theme of your thumbnail which is the key step before making a thumbnail. One must take into consideration the area of interest you would be discussing. According to the area of discussion, choose your theme as this plays a major role. If your theme is contradictory you may not get as many viewers as you desire. Poor selection of theme could mis-lead your viewers. They may also start thinking of it as something else when its exactly what they are looking for. You don’t want this to happen. So this is why, you must very carefully choose your theme and keep it in accordance with the topic of discussion. Also it looks very unprofessional if you choose a theme which is not in relation with the discussion or the link. For this reason careful selection of your theme is highly recommended.


You must have an attention captivating image in the background. It must also be in relevance with the theme you have selected. This is very important while creating a thumbnail. Poor selection of the background image may prove disastrous. You will lose important viewers. Remember, what doesn’t look good to the eye is often repulsed. So your image should be really beautiful or at least it should captivate the attention of your viewers. Choose an image that is easy to upload. It should have adequate pixels and must not be too large either. If it has too many pixels it will become time consuming to load and may become unnecessarily big. So carefully select an image which can be easily kept in the background and suits your needs.

Attention Captivating Typography

Once you have taken other variables into consideration, it is time to choose the right typography. When it comes to thumbnails you must choose a typography that immediately catches the attention of your viewers. You would want a typography that would make its viewer’s eyes look on it only. Also use powerful words with a powerful typography that leaves your audience and viewers compelled to click on your thumbnail. They would want to explore the rest of what you have to offer. If you are using it on Youtube for your video this could help you A LOT! You will have more viewers on your Youtube videos and of course that means more subscribers, fame and money.

The Right Colors for Typography

Well if you are thinking only the font or what you have written matters, then you are indeed mistaken. The color of your typography also matters equally. Choose attractive colors which are easily visible to the eye and people can see it from distance too. You don’t want to choose colors like light grey or silver for this job as they are the least visible colors. You could choose white, red or orange.  Choose colors that suit your needs. If you are making a thumbnail for a cooking video, you could use orange or red as those the colors most frequently associated with food.

Add a Frame If Needed

Once you are done with what is mentioned above you could improvise by adding a frame to your thumbnail or by adding stars or logos to your thumbnails. You can brand your videos by the same style of thumbnails each time. Branding can be successfully done with Thumbnails and with a thumbnail maker.